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You have been in the game for a while, developing brick making machines is in your blood, we get that. But why are you struggling to sell your brick making equipment? Well let’s assume you have been around for a long time, and are not just starting up your business, even though this blog post may just assist you too! Firstly you need to ask yourself a couple questions, and be honest with yourself.


Have you been marketing your brick making machinery the same way you always have?

Have you ever heard that saying?.... "Doing the same thing will yield the same results?"... I may have just made that one up, but the fact remains. If you don't grow as a company by making use of new marketing efforts or by adding new products to your list, then how do you expect to grow? You are staying stagnant, in order to find your cash cow and your gap in the market you have to stay on top of your game, and try be at the forefront of innovation. Stop thinking and you are dead in the water...Another saying I may have made up.

Next, how do you market this awesome product? Do you market at all? Do you rely on word of mouth? I personally hate meeting with new clients and I ask them: "how do you market?" and they say: "well, only word of mouth really".... This means that no thought was put into expanding their business, or they just trying to save money by not investing in their business, which actually costs them in the long run. How can you rely on one stream of potential clients? So you have a big contract, how long will that last? What if they decide to cut you out of the picture, where will you be sitting? These are questions you need to ask yourself.... And stop being stingy or trying to hold onto every penny by not marketing your brick making machine business, but are willing to buy the latest Iphone.

I have marketed my brick making machines before and I didn't get any return from my efforts and or cash.

We will admit, sometimes it’s a hit and miss scenario with marketing. Some forms of marketing are simply out of your reach budget wise, and some are just a plain waste of hard earned cash. But if you didn't try, then you would never know what could have been. But don't tell me you printed 100 flyers on your home based printing machine, and decided to print it in black and white to save some cash, and then got the flyer designed by your trusty word software......Then you handed them out to your friends and held thumbs... That my friend was a total waste, and lack of effort and I can almost guarantee you that it didn't return any form of results. But that is a blog post on its own. Bottom line is, whatever you invest, expect the same return. You invest R100 expect a R100 back, you can't seriously hope to reach enough people to make any form of impact with your 100 black and white flyers, that have a super catchy design...? Surely....

Invest in your brand, invest in your message, invest in your business. Invest in a measurable form of marketing if you are tight on budget.

So how can I market my brick machine making business? You a** hole?

So you are a small business? Or a medium sized business? I make these assumptions because you wouldn't be reading this blog post if you were a large business that has a marketing team working on their campaigns. You are looking for something on the cheaper end or should I say affordable end, but that has the potential for great RIO (return on investment)...? Well then to me the ONLY way is online. Online marketing is the future, scrap your yellow page advert and invest in an online campaign for your business. Get a website designed, we recommend these guys, because they awesome and will give you quality! If you are selling quality brick making machine products, then surely you want to portray that? If you supply cheaply made machines that break every few months, then you need to reassess your situation.

You can’t take full advantage of an online market without a website, not just a website, but a website geared towards closing deals, making you money!

Don't want to invest in a website to take advantage of the online market? Then dip your toes into some of the online potential and list on this website, but invest in a paying option, so that you can start generating leads for your business. We plan on dominating the online market for brick making machine suppliers in South Africa. Why?... We have the knowledge, and you guys are leaving the market open for us to take advantage of. So thank you...

So here is a quick breakdown to some online marketing strategies you can get on the cheap…errr…. affordable side. Just a quick rundown, we not going into too much detail, but you can find more information by simply Googling these options.

Google PPC campaign

A Google PPC (pay per click) campaign is where you select a set of keywords. Each of these keywords cost a certain amount, depending on your competition, and how much they are willing to pay for that keyword. It’s almost like a bidding war, but….There are keywords that can be found that don’t cost too much yet still bring in decent traffic. Once a set of keywords have been selected then you setup adverts. These adverts are then shown to people who search for those keywords and you revolve with other paying advertisers. People see your advert, click on it and land on your website. Google then charges you a fee for the click, which can range anywhere from R2 to R100 per click. The higher end is usually highly competitive industries like insurance, and they have the budgets to play with. This amount is then deducted from your cash injection, almost like a airtime type scenario.

SEO work on your website

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the process and considered somewhat of an “art” of getting your website to rank for specific keywords that you are targeting. This is a heavy time investment, and trial and error, and the best part of it all?.... It’s never guaranteed to get your website to page one. It also take a while, anywhere from 3 – 6 months depending on your industry. But we know that the brick making industry is not really that hard to rank for. So it’s fairly easy to get a website ranked in Google for specific keywords at the moment, until companies start investing more into their online marketing efforts. However besides the negative side of things there is a very high positive side. There are huge amounts of people searching for your products online, and if you can just rank decently for a couple then all your marketing efforts will essentially pay for itself. And isn’t that what marketing is about?

The nice thing with these forms of online marketing for your brick making machine products, is that everything is measurable. You can see how many people are visiting, how many people are bouncing off your site and how to improve everything to get more business.

Hopefully this has helped you open your mind to online marketing efforts, now before this website gets big and we start charging more cash to be listed, we would suggest adding your business.