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If you would like to list your company in the directory under a province, please proceed...

Listing Rules

1. This listing opportunity is available to South African companies only.
2. It is free to list, but you must put a link to our homepage on your site, before we list your company. This is to make sure that our link is accessible to search engines, and that your URL is not banned/blacklisted. If your website has no pages the link must appear on your homepage.

  1. This link must be live before your submit the application.
  2. We run our BackLink checker routinely, so if you remove or obfuscate the link to the directory in any way, your link will be removed as well and you will no longer be eligible to list again.
  3. The reciprocal link must appear on a search engine friendly page, ie: not in frames, flash or javascript and you may not place a "nofollow" in your link code or anything else that affects visibility of the link to humans &/ webcrawlers.

Only one listing per URL. If you have multiple branches, but only one website, then choose your head office please.

Step One - Add the code

Add the below code to your website please.

Listed in The <a href="">Brick Machines</a> Company Directory

Step Two - Please apply to have your company listed on our directory by clicking on the below button and filling in the form.

Free Listing Application Form