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Advert Rules

  1. This advertising opportunity applies to South African suppliers only.
  2. First come, first served. Whoever pays first gets the top spot. Whoever pays second, gets the second spot & so on.
  3. The image advert is unrelated to the text listings in the directory on the same page, so if you also want a text listing in the directory, you will still be required to fill in the text listing form and adhere to those rules.
  4. This advertising opportunity on the directory page is available to South African brick making machine companies. For other advertising opportunities, you could try:

If you want to track the hits, that is up to you - you are welcome to supply a custom link code for your advert if that will help you track.

Advert Rates and Specification

Adverts are 160px wide x 200px high and should be in .jpg, .png or non-animated .gif format.

- R 599 / 3 months
- R 995 / 6 months (you save R199)
- R 1990 / year (you save R398)

How it works...

- Fill in the form below.
- We will then email you banking details & an invoice.
- Your advert will appear within 24 hours of us receiving proof of payment, with the exception of weekends and public holidays.
- Start getting quotes and visitors.

Payment Options...

  1. EFT from a South African bank only.

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